10 Leading Reasons the U.S. Postal Service Relies on Plastic Postal Totes

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) relies heavily on corrugated plastic containers, or postal totes, for collecting, sorting and transporting mail nationwide.

The major reasons the USPS has been using plastic mail totes for many years includes:

  1. They stand up to tough USPS standards. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor inferior, second-rate containers will get in the way of mail delivery. Plastic postal totes deliver when it comes to the fast-paced, high-volume work performed daily by the USPS. And they can work for your business for these same reasons.
  2. They’re very sturdy. They stand up to constant, high volume use and the bumps and scrapes that go with it. Steel rod reinforcements make them even stronger and capable of carrying heavy loads.
  3. They’re lightweight. That makes them easy to handle. The job of handling them is made even easier by the cut-out handles that are a key feature of their design.
  4. They offer the best strength-to-weight ratio. Combine their durability and light weight, and you have plastic containers and postal totes that offer the greatest strength per unit of weight — that is, the best strength-to-weight ratio. That gives you the best of both worlds: a robust container capable of standing up to the rigors of the Postal Service’s work flow, yet light enough for easy handling.
  5. They last hundreds of uses. Because of their durable construction and design, corrugated plastic mail totes, trays, tubs and containers can be used hundreds of times.
  6. They’re economical. Because they last much longer than cardboard trays and totes, plastic mail totes save the U.S. Postal Service money. And the same can be true for your business, as plastic mail totes offer a low per-use cost–compared to the one-time use of corrugated cardboard containers. Cardboard may cost less initially, but not when you factor in the much greater bang for your buck you get over the life of a plastic tote.
  7. They’re 100 percent recyclable. And that’s important to the U.S. Postal Service, which has put a big priority on recycling and responsible use of resources to reduce landfill waste. When a corrugated plastic mail tote comes to the end of its useful life, the plastic is ground up and turned into new plastic to make new totes or other products.
  8. They’re nestable. When not in use, corrugated plastic mail trays, tubs and totes conveniently nest in one another, stacking up to make the best use of storage space.
  9. They’re weather and water resistant. Unlike cardboard boxes and totes, plastic mail totes resist water and protect their contents from damage. They also handle extreme temperatures.
  10. They’re available in many sizes. Postal totes come in many standard sizes and can be custom made in any size for unique applications.

To look at the range of postal totes available, visit Flexcon’s special postal tote website. And contact a Flexcon sales representative today to find the best postal tote solutions for your applications.

Benefits of corrugated plastic totes

Many manufacturing, warehousing and logistics companies are making the transition from corrugated paper boxes and containers to reusable corrugated plastic bins and packaging for storage and handling. Companies are realizing that the corrugated plastic alternative is more durable, long lasting, and more cost effective — among many other advantages.

They are also finding that corrugated plastic containers have more to offer than molded plastic containers. The plastic containers made by Flexcon can help business take advantage of their factory space and decrease errors and damage to materials and products during storage, material handling and shipping.

Corrugated plastic totes and molded plastic totes and bins share a few of the same advantages over corrugated paper containers, such as:

  • They are reusable and have a longer life span, delivering long-term savings. They commonly last for 20 to 100 uses, as opposed to the one-and-done service of a corrugated paper box.
  • They minimize waste, save landfill space and cut the cost of disposal compared to corrugated paper containers, which must be disposed of or recycled on a much more frequent basis.
  • They are waterproof and resist most chemicals. This contributes to longer life and provides superior protection of the materials and products they hold. Corrugated plastic and molded plastic containers stack well and hold up in environments where corrugated paper, or cardboard, boxes fail.

For corrugated plastic, there are more advantages.

However, corrugated plastic offers users far more payoffs than molded plastic. For instance, corrugated plastic:

  • Resists tears and punctures, in contrast to molded plastic, which cracks on strong impact.
  • Weighs less than molded plastic, making corrugated plastic totes and bins easier for workers to move, while reducing shipping costs.
  • Decreases time required to develop customized container designs for specialized uses and products. Molded plastic requires more development time due to design and production of molds.
  • Requires less production time than molded plastic. Production of molded plastic containers can take as much as five times longer.
  • Streamlines conversion from corrugated paper to plastic containers, compared to making the shift from corrugated paper to molded plastic containers. Corrugated plastic easily takes the place of corrugated paper, eliminating the need to change material handling processes. It’s easy to score, crease, fold, drill and stitch — and fits right in where corrugated paper containers had been used.
  • Results in less work interruption and downtime than molded plastic or corrugated paper containers. Corrugated paper containers are vulnerable to breakage, and molded plastic isn’t as resilient to impact as corrugated plastic.
  • Comes in a greater variety of in-stock colors than molded plastic — and certainly more than corrugated paper boxes.

Plus, Flexcon offers corrugated plastic containers in more than 6,000 sizes. Call Flexcon today at 908-871-7000, and talk with one of our container experts, who will help you choose the best solutions for your material handling and storage needs.

Top 5 Uses for Corrugated Plastic Containers in Material Handling

Corrugated plastic totes, bins and containers have a nearly unlimited range of material handling uses. For example, organizing parts in assembly operations, organizing and distributing mail within your facilities, warehousing parts and products, or transporting parts and products within a facility or to your other facilities or customers.

nestable postal totes

Drone view of vertical lift dividers, conveyor totes, shelving bins and nestable postal totes

Following is a list of the five leading ways for using corrugated plastic mail totes and containers—and the advantages they offer to the businesses that depend on them daily:

1.  Postal totes

The U.S. Postal Service uses 15 million postal totes to collect, organize and transport letters and parcels. The reasons that the U.S. Postal Service chooses corrugated plastic containers are the same reasons they would benefit your business:

  • They’re lightweight and made with cut-out handles, so they’re easy to carry
  • They’re also very sturdy. They stand up to constant, high volume use and the bumps and scrapes that go with it.
  • They’re made even stronger, to handle heavy loads, with steel rod reinforcements
  • They can be used hundreds of times, resulting in a low cost per use, compared to the one-time use of corrugated cardboard containers
  • They’re 100% recyclable, so they make responsible use of resources and keep waste out of landfills
horizontal carousel totes

Custom horizontal carousel totes to store the inside of car doors!

2.   Shelving and carousel bins

Postal totes and flat tubs work in a wide range of shelving and carousel configurations, because they’re available in thousands of sizes. In fact, they can be custom designed and made in any size—and in 10 colors—to perfectly fit any need you have.

When used in carousels or other storage systems, mail bins, totes and containers maximize available cube. This maximizes the amount of product you can handle and store. And it minimizes wasted space.

Space age bins and containers made by Flexcon are used in more than 8,000 carousel systems with capacities up to 130 lbs. and more

3.     Automated storage and retrieval systems

Corrugated plastic postal mail totes work well in automated storage and retrieval applications because they meet virtually any deflection criteria. In addition, they are dividable with drop-in partitions. This expands their versatility, to adapt to changing needs.

The bottoms of space age totes feature pitched drain holes. In the event a sprinkler system is set off, these holes allow water to drain out, preventing collapse of your automated system.

4.    Cases and shipping containers

The strength and durability of corrugated plastic mail totes make them the perfect solution for shipping. They hold contents perfectly in place, protecting them to their destination. And they’re reusable hundreds of times.

VLM dividers

VLM dividers adjust to fit your needs!

5.      Dividers and dunnage

Corrugated plastic containers, tubs and totes and available dividers and dunnage provide excellent protection of product in manufacturing, storage and shipping applications. Flexcon containers are fully dividable to meet current and future storage needs. While protecting product and parts, these dividers prevent migration, keeping everything where it needs to be.

To learn more about the innumerable uses for corrugated plastic mail totes, contact a Flexcon sales representative today.

Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Containers for ASRS Systems and Carousels

ASRS Robot Friendly totesAutomated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and carousels are designed to maximize effective use of area in producing and distribution facilities with a high storage density, moving large volumes of elements and product in and out.

These systems’ economical use of area will be more maximized by selecting suitably sized and designed plastic containers, totes and bins that fit the storage and retrieval system well and are the right size for the keep elements and product. This enables facilities to scale back wasted area and to extend effective storage capability.

Plastic storage bins made by Flexcon Container, for instance, helped a manufacturer increase storage capacity in its automated storage and retrieval units by more than 19 percent, according to an article in Modern Materials Handling.

Flexcon corrugated plastic bins, totes and containers are designed to optimize use of on the market cube in carousel systems, reducing wasted space, common with other choices, by 15 to 20%.

But size and match aren’t the only issues in selecting containers for ASRS systems and carousels. Strength, deflection and impact resistance also are key attributes to contemplate. For these and other reasons, corrugated plastic containers are glorious candidates for ASRS systems and carousels, both vertical and horizontal.

Why are corrugated plastic containers the right selection for ASRS systems and carousels?

ASRS Totes

Their benefits include:

1. While increasing space usage, they minimize damage to materials and merchandise throughout storage and handling as they are more sturdy and impact resistant than wrought plastic containers. They stand up well under constant handling by robotic ASRS instrumentality. And unlike wrought plastic, which will crack on impact, corrugated plastic containers resist tears and punctures.

2. They reduce prices as they last longer due to their sturdiness.

3. For custom sized and designed containers required for specialized applications, corrugated plastic containers supply the advantage of requiring less development time than wrought plastic containers–since they don’t need creation of a mold. Likewise, corrugated plastic containers need less production time than wrought plastic containers. Production time for molded plastic will be nearly 5 times longer.

4. They’re lightweight, contributing to the potency of ASRS systems. They help maximize pick rates.

In addition, corrugated plastic containers created by Flexcon feature:

1. Pitched drain holes to prevent collapse of a storage and retrieval system in the event a sprinkler system goes off.

2. Ergonomic style for the economical operation of carousel systems.

3. Design that prevents components migration.

4. Capability of being partitioned to meet changing components storage needs.

To learn more about the advantages of corrugated plastic containers, call Flexcon now at 908-871-7000. Our container specialists are prepared to help you choose the most effective solutions for ASRS and carousel systems.

8 Benefits of Postal Totes

postal toteFlexcon creates plastic postal totes that are the answer for a full range of material handling needs – as well as mail room use.

Postal totes not only improve organization and efficiency of mail centers, they also help organize materials throughout the process from assembly and warehousing to shipping and transport.

Flexcon offers a complete range of postal container solutions – mail bins, postal totes, flat trays, flat tubs and postal bins. Our postal totes come in a wide range of sizes, designs and colors to meet your needs.

corrugated postal totesOur USA-made returnable postal containers are available in a variety of colors – semi-clear, red, blue, green, black, white and yellow.

Other benefits of postal bins include:

1. Made of tough, lightweight plastic for easy handling and long, dependable life. Providing extra strength for heavy loads, some bins feature welded seams and steel rod reinforcements.

2. Cut-out handles make carrying these corrugated plastic boxes and corrugated totes easy and ergonomic for your workforce

3. Plastic corrugated containers resist chemicals, water and impact, providing optimal protection of your materials and products

mail tray4. Smooth interior and exterior surfaces of the reusable plastic containers make them easy to clean

5. Made of plastic, they last for the long haul, making it easy on your budget. And these recyclable plastic containers are easy on the earth. Because they’re recyclable, these reusable containers don’t take up landfill space when they do come to the end of their lifecycle.

6. Similar sized corrugated plastic totes nest together. This saves you valuable space in your facility when they’re not in use.

7. Our postal totes are made to the same standards as USPS postal containers

space age tote8. Our varied available sizes of mail bins, postal totes, flat trays, flat tubs, postal bins, used postal totes, usps postal bin and postal containers will fit most standard carts for transport within your facility

We have been the trusted supplier of postal totes for over 50 years and serve more than 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies. For more information please contact us today.

The Top 10 Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Containers for Material Handling Applications

Corrugated plastic containers, bins, totes, boxes and trays possess many traits that make them the preferred option in every link of the supply chain. Wherever you put them to work, they’ll serve you with optimal efficiency and reliability.

hopper front corrugated plastic

These recyclable containers can be used for intra-facility shipping as well transport from one facility to another. They’re also at home in offices, warehouses, automated storage and retrieval systems and for work in-progress in manufacturing operations.Robot friendly postal totes

Following are the top 10 benefits of corrugated plastic boxes, bins and containers:

1. They’re long-lasting. Plastic corrugated containers stay on the job 30 to 50 times longer than corrugated cardboard containers.

2. They’re more cost-effective than the alternatives because of their staying power. You’ll save money, because with corrugated plastic bins and totes, you’ll be replacing containers much less often.

3. They’re good for the environment because corrugated plastic containers are recyclable containers. When they reach the end of their lifecycle, they’ll stay out of landfills, unlike other alternatives, and be returned to use as new products.

Postal tote4. They’re lightweight and durable. Their light weight makes them easier to handle. But they’re no lightweight when it comes to taking the common stresses of material handling.

5. Corrugated plastic containers offer the highest strength-to-weight ratio. They resist impact, moisture, corrosion, dust and dirt, and most chemicals. And the walls of these containers retain their shape even when fully loaded.

6. They’re available in a wide range of styles and can be made in any size to fit any material handling application you may have—for returnable containers, reusable transport packaging, warehousing, automated storage and retrieval systems, closed and open loop transit applications, pick and pack, and a wide range of functions on production floors.

postal totes7. They can be manufactured in a dozen colors.

8. Corrugated plastic totes, trays and containers are the choice of the U.S. Postal Service because of their long-proven record for durability through high-volume use.

9. They’re made of material that complies with FDA food storage regulations and are made to withstand a wide temperature range.

10. Plastic corrugated containers are space savers. They nest in one another when empty, between uses, saving valuable space. In carousels and other storage systems, reusable plastic containers maximize space usage, compared to competing container options that can waste 15 to 20 percent of shelf space.

Flexcon sales representatives are ready to help you select the most appropriate corrugated plastic boxes, trays, bins, totes and containers for any material handling application you may have. Contact us now.

Top 10 Reasons Plastic Postal Totes Are Better Than the Alternatives

When you’re choosing containers for material handling, corrugated plastic postal totes offer many advantages over the alternatives such as corrugated cardboard. Following are the top 10 reasons corrugated plastic mail totes and bins are your best choice:

postal totes1. Lightweight and strong. Plastic postal totes, bins, trays and containers offer the best strength-to-weight ratio, compared to other types of containers. With lighter weight, you reduce shipping costs. Yet, these containers are made strong to carry more. Welded seams and steel rod reinforcements provide plastic mail totes and tubs extra strength to manage heavy loads.

2. Long-lasting. Plastic mail totes stand up to the rigors of everyday use in about any environment—inter and intra office use, storage, warehouses, in transit, even manufacturing. They last 30 to 50 times longer than corrugated cardboard containers. And according to the U.S. Postal Service, corrugated plastic mail or postal containers last an average of seven to 10 years.

3. Lower cost per trip.  Because of their durability and exceptionally longer lifespan, plastic mail totes cost much less when you calculate their cost per trip. The initial cost may be more, but the cost dwindles in comparison as you spread it across the dozens of uses you get out of a plastic mail tote.

4. Nestable. Between uses, plastic mail totes help you save valuable space. That’s because like-sized postal totes are able to nest in one another.

mail tray5. Drainable. Plastic postal containers feature pitched drain holes. This design enables water to drain out, preventing a storage system from collapsing under the weight of water in the event that a sprinkler system is set off.  Your insurance provider may require this risk-lowering design feature.

6. Easy to clean. Not only that. They’re also resistant to dirt, moisture and grease, unlike the alternatives.

7. Easy to carry. Plastic mail containers are ergonomically designed with convenient hand holes that make them easy to carry.

8. Eco-friendly. Corrugated plastic mail containers are good for the environment, not only because they last longer than the alternatives. They’re also 100% recyclable. So when they come to the end of their lifecycle, they can be ground up and made into new reusable plastic containers, rather than going into a landfill.

9. Wide range of sizes and colors. Flexcon mail totes are available in 12 standard sizes and six colors. But you’re not limited to these options. Flexcon can custom design postal totes to any size and color you need for your applications.

10. Made in the USA. And corrugated plastic postal totes made by Flexcon offer yet another advantage: the quality that comes from being US made.

Contact a Flexcon sales representative today to learn about even more advantages of our corrugated plastic postal totes and to find the containers best suited to your specific needs.

Corrugated Plastic Postal Totes Deliver Numerous Benefits, from the Office, to the Warehouse, to the Production Floor and Beyond

Postal ToteCorrugated plastic postal totes are designed and manufactured to U.S. Postal Service specifications and dimensions. But they provide numerous benefits for a wide range of uses in addition to mail handling–in the office, warehouse, logistics and industrial production. They also are designed for use in automated retrieval and storage systems.

You can find a complete range of mail containers on Flexcon Container’s dedicated postal tote website. They come in a wide range of standard sizes and colors and can be customized for specific applications and to match branding standards.

Mail Containers Offer Long-lasting Durability

Corrugated postal totesCorrugated plastic mail totes, bins, trays and containers are lightweight and made with cut-out handles on ends, making them easy to carry. And our corrugated plastic postal totes and containers are also tough. They stand up well to impact. Steel rod reinforcements make them even stronger, capable of handling heavy loads.

Corrugated plastic mail totes also resist dust, dirt, moisture, oils and many chemicals. Their surfaces are smooth, making them easy to clean.

Pitched drain holes in the bottoms of Flexcon’s full range of containers—including flat tubs, mail bins, mail trays and postal totes—enable water to drain out and prevent collapse of storage systems in the event that fire suppression sprinklers are set off. This is why most insurance companies require use of containers made with drainage holes.

Flexcon mail containers also reduce fire hazards. They are made of plastic resin material that meets UL94HB flame class for fire retardancy.

Plastic Postal Totes Friendly to the Environment and Your Budget

postal-totesOur space age containers are nestable. They fit inside one another to save space when not in use. And our nestable mail totes easily unstack when you need to put them to work.

And when in use in carousels or other storage systems, Flexcon mail bins, totes and containers maximize available cube. They greatly optimize use of space to maximize the amount of product that can be handled and stored. Competing container options can waste 15 to 20 percent of shelf space.


Because they’re 100 percent recyclable, Flexcon corrugated plastic mail containers are earth friendly, conserving valuable resources. They can be used hundreds of times, unlike corrugated cardboard containers, which typically must be discarded after a single use.

The long-lasting durability of corrugated plastic mail totes also helps conserve your material handling budget.

postal totesFlexcon postal containers are well suited to a wide range of automated retrieval and storage systems. They’ve been used in more than 8,000 carousel systems. Features that make them ideal for automated systems include:

  • Static resistance, preventing static charge buildup when a storage and retrieval system is in motion
  • Design that helps prevent part migration and maximize pick rates
  • Capability of being divided for optimal flexibility as your parts storage and retrieval needs evolve

To find the right corrugated plastic postal containers for your material handling needs, contact a Flexcon sales representative today.

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